Singularity Circle
Alumni Club

Welcome to the Singularity Circle Alumni Club - having experienced the circle and completing the SSEE process you as an alumni have so much to offer and much to teach to future circle members. You are also a model of the singularity storytelling process in action. 

- Quarterly Paid Webinars on Live Q+A  on Your Subject of Expertise in The Singularity Storytelling Incubator Facebook Group (30 minutes) Split 50/50 profits


- A Permanent Evergreen Video Talking about 3 Subjects of Your Choice to be in the Singularity Circle Online Classroom for members


- Circle membership perks (discounted classes, events both online + offline, monthly group accountability calls) 


- Quarterly Rotating Promotions in The Singularity Storyteller Incubator, Newsletter, and opportunity for joint events


1 Year Alumni Club membership is $50/month 


1 Year Alumni Club Full Price $550 (Save $50)