My Story and My Roots

Hello, my name is Isabelle.

I am an artist. I am an urban mystic. I am a moon pastrix. I am an executive life coach. I am a retreat facilitator. I am an herbalist. I am a consulting hypnotist. I am an International Alliance Certified Therapist. I am a pragmatic astrologer. I am a ceremony facilitator. I am a published author.

I was a former digital nomad. I was a lifestyle designer. I was a documentary filmmaker. I was a photographer. I was a social media consultant. I was a start-up business educator. I was a punk zine maker.

I was born in Germany. Speak Romanian. Live in Chicago.

I am a political refugee. I am an immigrant.

Welcome to how all of these experiences have led me to how I can support you today.

HYPNOTHERAPY: Using your subconscious mind to support you rather than sabotage your success in mind and body. I have two locations in Chicago where you can book appointments. Online and Phone consultations available.

  • smoking cessation

  • weight management

  • anxiety + stress

  • mood balancing

  • professional goal success

CAREER COACHING: Having been involved in both entrepreneurship and traditional workforce learning to navigate your career is a multipassionate creative can be difficult when you do not have clarity on what your needs, wants, and talents are. Support comes when the clarity is cultivated.

  • entrepreneurship

  • digital nomad lifestyle

  • artist practice

  • monetization of skills

  • financial planning

ASTROLOGY + TAROT CONSULTATIONS: Since 2016 I have been using tarot and astrology for my own personal and professional life. Using the phases of the moon, my chart, and elements to help organizations and individuals do their best - by including what their story in the stars tell them. Corporate team building and parties have been my favorite to play in.

Schedule your complimentary 15 minute session here to see what your next steps are,what your story will be and how I can support you in getting there.