What is Elemental Hypnosis?

Ancient Alchemy. Romanian Ethnography. The Power of Suggestion.

In Transylvania there are beautiful handmade blouses made in every region that have various ancient symbols sewn into them. When I take students on retreat to Romania - we stop by villages and vendors where these beautiful blouses are made. 

The ancient symbols are associated with the 4 elements in Western European Alchemy. Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. 

Fire - Action
Water - Emotion
Air - Ideation
Earth - Manifestation

When there is something that is lacking or seems to be more of an obstacle - it may be that the subconscious protecting the old habits that supported your way of being so far. Tuning in to what element resonates with you - whether it may be a need, or that you have too much of it and are wanting to balance it by it's opposite element - it is important to connect with that Element so that things can shift from the inside out. 

Hypnosis: The process of bringing a human into a trancelike suggestible state allowing their subconscious mind to be open to a change and shift. 

So Elemental Hypnosis is a  pragmatic as well as ethnographically inspired tool and artistic practice to align what needs, wants, and desires come through the conscious mind and then aligning the subconscious mind with them to produce results.

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