Alchemy and Transformation: The Heart of Coaching and Hypnosis

There is a wave of old traditions coming into the public awareness. Of witches, alchemy, cultural identity, relationships with birth and death. Honestly it seems like a cycle of remembering roots in society and a deep search for identity in a post-modern world.

Alchemy is an ancient process from the beginnings of science, pharmacy, and medicine. Earth, Water, Fire, and Air - to place ailments and maladies into categories that we could heal them. This trends falls into the tarot as well with pentacles, cups, wands, and swords. These philosophical systems were put together at a subconscious level.

Alchemy was turning matter into different matter. Primarily - matter into gold and potions for eternal life. Today where we have gone past the philosophical into hard science and medicine - I use it as a metaphor for my coaching and hypnotherapy practice. Transforming matter into gold. It may also mean digging deep into the unconscious or the uncomfortable to find the gold.

How do you transform the weight you gained or lost subconsciously into the fit and healthy body you desire?

How do you commit to your artwork when bills, dishes, and responsibilities pile up?

How do you break through in your career when there seems to be a plateau, or maybe even no career at all?


Going with yourself into yourself where you have not been before. Asking yourself the deeper question that 5 year old you would askā€¦ Why? Why now? What happened? What do you need right now?

These questions with yourself are the beginning of your alchemical journey. Through alchemy and hypnosis you can transform your current circumstance into a conscious divine intervention.

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Isabelle Rizo