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It all started when…

At the age of twelve the veil became thin. I became very sensitive, conscious, and aware of the muchness and feelings. 

I began asking deeper questions. I wanted to know about my purpose, my gifts, and what I could cultivate as skills and also serve the community and the world around me. 

I turned to activism. I turned to art. I turned to travel. I turned to mystical practice. I turned to alchemy. 


The Intuitive nudge...


Join me in this 4 month online experience where you will begin to explore the multi-layered narrative story of you and documenting your self-discovery, gifts, and digital footprint. 


My intuitive nudge has helped me in:

- becoming a digital nomad

- being a travel blogger

- owning and managing an international digital agency

- living in Paris

- overcoming anxiety and depression

- publishing a book

- starting a podcast

- producing a documentary

- exhibiting my art internationally

- birthing the singularity circle online community

- hosting an international retreat **




In these 4 months together digitally you will:

Cultivate your inner alchemist - alchemy started by turning metals into gold. Modern day leaders, teachers, and facilitators know that transforming their internal emotional landscape as well as within their community and organizations is a powerful skill to have. 

Learn to cultivate that inner skill of mindfulness and transmutation from the inside to the outside with the first 2018 group of Elemental Living Students in our online private community 

- Digital private member community of kindreds

- Regular checking in and facilitated space


Infusions + Elixirs

Learning to be your own internal emotional balance maker through the essences of flowers, through the story you write, and through the art that you make. By the completion of the experience you will have understood how to make your own infusions, elixirs, and rituals. 

- Foundations of Elemental Herbalism

- Discover which flower essence is perfect for you

- Understanding crystals for infused teas, baths, and altar making

- Making your alchemist pouch to carry with you

Elemental mastery

Understand the elements - AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER - and how to play with them within your zodiac and with managing your time and boundaries. 

- Artistic Rituals honoring your elements

- Self - Care practices with your zodiac and astrological elemental story

- Foundational herbalism to support various body systems elementally 

- Personalized Elemental Tea Blend based on your zodiac







Sacred space

Inspired gratitude for the little or the a lot that we have may not come naturally. But when we shift to a perspective of making this sacred and being in gratitude for it all, we treat ourselves, our space, and our community differently. 


- Divinely decluttering with the zodiac moons

- Treating your digital space as sacred and scheduling regular digital detoxes together as a group with intentional time for productiivty

- Using color symbolism to create subconscious reminders of your story, your manifesting, and your goals

Personal Rituals

Rituals have been around since ancient times - from religious rites of passage to your own bed time ritual. There is something to the art of practicing and building the habits of your own choosing - not one that everyone else tells you is good for you... but one that you know will move you forward towards the story of your becoming.


- Sage, Palo Santo, Crystals, Baths, Prayer, Meditation, Journaling, an exploratory period to find what supports you best

- Regular accountability and documenting progress through your sacred rituals


There are collective stories, heroines, heros, and archetypes that appear again and again despite culture and history spanning across the globe. 

The Tarot is a predominantly Western hemisphere tool used to tap into the collective stories and see how they show up in patterns within our own lives. 

One of the many tools in the alchemist, artist and storyteller's life is tapping into the collective stories and mirroring your own. 

- Group Webinar on The Major Arcana and Minor Arcana

- Regulary weekly practice with exploring the cards and journaling through what they personally mean for you 




- Show up for yourself at least once a week

- Show up in the digital community once a week

- Watch all 6 Webinar Lectures during the 4 month time frame

- Use your social media consciously and as a medium for documenting your process

- Complete a beginning 1 hour coaching session and 1 hour exit coaching session with Isabelle 


REGISTRATION closes july 15th for the 2018 group


Elemental Living MasterClass + Certification 

 certification opportunity* 

 Lifetime Access to Elemental Living Class Materials

Private online community

Access to the Singularity Circle for 6 Months

Personalized Zodiac Tea Blend

 Elemental Living Personalized 4 x 6 artwork

 Copy of Printed Elemental Living Zine 

4 Day Sacred Space: Romania Trip


Private online community

 Access to the Singularity Circle for 4 Months

Personalized Zodiac Tea Blend

Elemental Living Personalized 4 x 6 artwork

Copy of Printed Elemental Living Zine

*Certificates will be given when all webinars are watched and documentation on social media are shared. Student engagement in the group will also be taken into consideration.

** There is an opportunity for Certification Students to Attend a Retreat in Romania this Fall 2018 to explore the monasteries, castles, and herbs from the Carpathian mountains that inspired this class - you will receive further information upon registration

* No returns, refunds, or exchanges - with further questions you can email hello@isabellerizo.com