a 5 week group class


Class Begins July 11, 2018

 The Crevice Studio in Lincoln Square Chicago



What is Included When You Sign Up for the Class?


An online and offline community of creatives from around the world working through their stories

A copy of Singularity Storytelling: The Art of Noticing in The Digital Age which will be used as a guide throughout the 5 weeks as you develop your own collections of story, art, and words. 

A safe container and community both online and offline to explore what emotional landscapes are

Tools To move through emotions mindfully


What Will CLASS LOOK Like?


Each evening will start with tea and refreshments, please include any allergies via email before attending sessions. 

Art supplies will be provided and also you are encouraged to bring your own

A 10 minute guided meditation to explore what your current internal terrain may look like and how to navigate it.

Music will be played to explore each individuals internal emotional state, colors will be chosen, and symbols will be identified by the individual and group members. 

There will be quiet time to use color, scent, and texture to create a painting every week to document your emotions. 

Prompts and homework will be given to daily practices such as journaling, quick sketch, and mindfulness exercises to be shared before every group session. 

When necessary external tools such as flower essences and aromatherapy may be used as well.

The studio space is a safe container to express yourself and explore all aspects of who you are in an artistic manner. 


Signature Art Class.jpg