Elemental Hypnosis Certification


Have you been curious about the subconscious mind?


In this self-paced course learn how the subconscious takes in and uses scripts to support the conscious mind in its actions. Whether it is performative stage hypnosis or the therapeutic hypnosis available to quit smoking or overcoming fear of flying - the same mechanisms are at work.

Online Class Begins May 29, 2019


What will you learn in the class?

  • History of Hypnosis - Mesmerism, Therapeutic Uses, Spiritual Revivals

  • The Foundations of Alchemical Elements and Your Type - Fire, Water, Air, Earth

  • Self-Hypnosis Practice - creating, recording, and making personal protocols with measurable goals

  • The processes of hypnosis and how it works using various inductions, scripts, voice intonation, and more.

  • Learn to create your own personalized hypnosis scripts for clients.

  • Being trauma and consent informed for both stage and therapeutic contexts


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