6 Week Course Stars March 27th 


Your relationship with money is one that must be cultivated, taken care of and nourished. 

As lightworkers, soft-spoken leaders, and artists we sometimes forget that it is important

to nurture ourselves so we can serve others. Learn to reinvent your money story, shift your

relationship with money, and become intentional with your budget, values, and finances. 

Financial literacy courses do not teach the importance of defining your values and WHY 

we spend time and money on certain things but not others. 

Master your Money Story and be supported by kindred spirits around the world as we 

work through our money stories, budgets, and stepping into conscious receiving and spending.


Inspired by the work of Mark Silver from Heart of Business and Jessica Serran founder of 

The Becoming Artist movement - Isabelle Rizo grew up an immigrant, learning to stretch a dollar.

She would scoff at people that would spend money on things that you could get for half the price

or even free. She became so fascinated by saving money, and stretching the dollar so much that she

became a master travel hacker using credit cards, points, and miles to travel around the world. 


However something shifted, seeing talented women, creatives, and artists that were settling for free

work, giving away talent, and wanting to be able to always pay her team members around the world 

she decided to shift her money story.  This class is the culminating work of shifting from pinching pennies

to allowing yourself to receive all that you deserve and more so you can fully serve others. 


What is Included?


1 Month Membership in the Singularity Circle

Digital Course Materials and Private Classroom

Weekly Group Calls to Work through Homework

The ReInvent Your Money Story Guide

Supportive Community + Accountability Partners