Sacred Space: Romania 

An International Creative Immersion



September 9th - 14th 2018


As part of the elemental living masterclass join isabelle in a tour of mystical transylvania.


The monasteries.

The carpathian mountains.

The tea.

The medieval practices.





Day 1: Get acclimated and unpack - take a nap if you need to - explore the grounds of the home

We will have breakfast and do a quick exercise in the garden to set intentions of what you would love to experience and get out of what sacred space means for you at this time


Day 2: Cluj Traditional Textiles + Tea

Exploring Cluj and gathering any supplies that you need

Visiting the traditional artisan market

Having Tea ceremony

Evening at 6:00 pm heading back with bus to Sarmasel


Day 3: MONASTERY + Art


Take notes and art of previous day

Afternoon MONASTERY visit / Integration at Sarmasel

You will have the option to visit the Monastery or Stay with the Host to make More Art

and walk in the gardens


Day 4: Cluj History

Morning Breakfast

Afternoon Exploring Cluj - The Alchemical Pharmacy, The Bell Tower of St. Michael

Snack in Cluj in Museum Plaza

Bus Back to Sarmasel


Day 5: Flower Essence Day

Morning breakfast

Afternoon Flower Essence Workshop

Evening Integration and Dinner


Day 6: 

Morning Breakfast

Afternoon Art Workshop - integrating all photographs, words, and art

Evening Tentative PHOTO SHOOT