Isabelle offers professional and personal development consultation services using a variety of methodologies and processes that have supported soft-spoken creatives in honoring the richness of their internal emotional landscape, knowledge, and trusting themselves - despite what "typical" leadership looks like. Since 2008 Isabelle prides herself in professional community facilitation and within her artistic social practice as a coach.  

Each coaching session is unique and tailored to each individual's needs. Some of the modalities used during Isabelle's consultations include:

- Flower Essence and Vibrational Practice

- Emotional Landscape Artist Facilitation

- Radically Conscious Self-Expression Coaching

- Reiki 

- Astrology

- Mindfulness Exercises 

- Oracle and Tarot Reading

- Singularity Storytelling

- Western Herbalism 

- Energetic Clearing

Isabelle looks at all aspects of an individual's life to connect them with their integrated singularity story. As a flower essence practitioner in Chicago. She has helped emerging leaders in publishing their books, starting their creative businesses, cultivating their self-expression, and allowing them to break through in using technology mindfully to reach international and local audiences that need their work, their voice, and their message. 





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In this one hour consultation Isabelle will

help you identify:

- Your 7 Core Areas of Focus in Life / Business

- Your Strengths + Weaknesses

- Supportive Tools (flower essence, zodiac schedule, etc) 

- A cocreated execution and master plan 

- Specific resources, books, classes, networks for your story


- Astrology Reading

- Energetic Clearing Session

- Self-Expression Archetype Coaching

- Flower Essence Therapy Session

- Reiki Session





Are you a budding or established entrepreneur that consciously uses technology to reach your audience? 

Join Isabelle in the facilitated professional development and networking community?



Are you local in Chicago and interested in personal development, the arts, and mystical philosophy?





Isabelle is a curator of stories both online and offline - through social media launches for both international companies and solo entrepreneurs. She is the facilitator of The SuperNova Experience Biennial which features emerging leaders' stories through experiential art, storytelling, and published books through her SSEE Intensive Curation and Storytelling Education Program. 

Learn how to curate your story, write your book, and have an audience of kindreds you know will have a deep soul level visceral connection to your work. 

Your story is not for everyone - but for the ones it is for... you will shift their life. 


Digital Public Relations and Marketing

Curated Live Performance

Book Publishing + Distribution



Listen to The Crevice Studios Podcast a sound experiment in personal development, astrology, and connecting with our mystical deeper purpose. Why are we here? What is the role of the artist? How do you honor all aspects of self?

Purchase Original Artwork - Isabelle is an internationally exhibited artist in both Europe and North America. Find a piece that speaks to you or share your story, your memory, a piece of your essence and receive your own unique commissioned piece. 

Become a Patron on Patreon so that the folks that do not have access to the arts, emerging digital technologies, or the new wave of what it means to be a social practice artist knows that it is possible as a survivor, as an immigrant, as a creative artist today you can thrive and do social good.