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Singularity Storytelling: The Art of Noticing in The Digital Age

Thirty Seven Pages. Original Artwork. Essays on Noticing. A culmination of thoughts from the last 9 years of being in the digital space, crafting a story for my life, and supporting others with my films, digital and print artwork, and performance art to do the same. 

We live in a time where you can create an amazing platform, be an artist, and explore all the aspects of yourself. How does one navigate that? How do you allow your full self-expression? How do you honor the responsibility that a platform has?

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ReInvention: The Money Story Workbook

Pre-Order Your Copy of ReInvention: The Money Story. Specifically for soft spoken and big hearted leaders that are ready to monetize their mission, use their innate curiosities, and cultivate their talents to earn a living.

This workbook includes looking to the past of our money story, taking stock of our present, and mindfully creating a future money story. This workbook also includes monthly planning sheets and tools to keep track of your time, energy, and finances every single month. 

$35 Physical 

$22 Digital (free for patreon supporters)

Available July 11th, 2018



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In this curated anthology by Karrie Ross, "Our Ever Changing World: Through the Eyes of Artists," an exploration into the new landscape, the stories, and what it takes to be an artist today in world. 

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