Sometimes emotions can come in waves and we may feel overwhelming. Whether you are managing large company and not sure to navigate the emotional landscape, stress, and others or you may be in a period of transition, grief, or new opportunity Isabelle has over 10 years experience in holding space and coaching CEOs, Professors, Artists, and Small Business Owners.

Session May Include:

Astrological Chart Interpretation

Flower Essence Recommendation

Energy Balancing Holistic Work

Mindfulness Meditation

Consultations are best done in two sessions with 2 weeks in between to measure progress. A few questions will be sent via email and consultations will be done via zoom, phone, or in person if in Chicago.

Sessions: $250

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Unable to attend a session in person? Isabelle hosts monthly lectures on the creative process, highly sensitive experience, and mindfulness practice

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Singularity Storytelling: The Art of Noticing in The Digital Age

Thirty Seven Pages. Original Artwork. Essays on Noticing. A culmination of thoughts from the last 9 years of being in the digital space, crafting a story for my life, and supporting others with my films, digital and print artwork, and performance art to do the same. 

We live in a time where you can create an amazing platform, be an artist, and explore all the aspects of yourself. How does one navigate that? How do you allow your full self-expression? How do you honor the responsibility that a platform has?

Purchase your copy for $25 (includes S+H)

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ReInvention: The Money Story Workbook

Pre-Order Your Copy of ReInvention: The Money Story. Specifically for soft spoken and big hearted leaders that are ready to monetize their mission, use their innate curiosities, and cultivate their talents to earn a living.

This workbook includes looking to the past of our money story, taking stock of our present, and mindfully creating a future money story. This workbook also includes monthly planning sheets and tools to keep track of your time, energy, and finances every single month. 

$35 Physical 

$22 Digital (free for patreon supporters)

Limited Copies Available

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Commissioned Artwork

Storytelling Painting Commissions are available at the following rates:

Click Here - $111 - Small 8.5 x 11

Click Here - $333 - Medium 17 x 22 

Click Here - $555 - Large (sizes vary)

Each storytelling painting takes elements from a pivotal moment of your life and the colors that symbolize it into a unique contemporary piece of art to hang in your home, office, or space.

A questionnaire and short interview will be conducted before and during the process before shipping the final product to your door. A beautiful gift to commemorate birthday, graduations, and legacy. You can see examples of previous storytelling commissioned paintings here.

* Does not include shipping and handling charges. Added Charges range between $5 - $100 and will be discussed once initial payment is processed. Questions: . No returns or exchanges.