Are you a visionary leader in your industry?


Dreaming of speaking around the world?

Launching a Book?

Getting press and visibility?

Doing Your First Gig from Your Branded Message?


I'm talking to you inventors, creatives, coaches, disruptors, teachers, and passionate leaders.


This is for you.


Feel supported. Never Alone. In Alignment.


Social Media. Content Marketing Strategy. Storytelling Online and Offline. 




a private online community for Accountability + Support

1 Thirty Minute Singularity Storytelling Call with Isabelle Per Month

A group mastermind call and class to ask any questions with your online + offline business

publicity + strategic partnerships


What Have Members Said About Being in the Circle?

Lysa Black - Heart Empress 

Best-Selling Author



"Isabelle connected me with the online way of doing business so now I can support clients not only from an office but online as well. She has connected me with clients and also introduced me to marketing, storytelling, and social media content. It's still new to me but I am excited to be supporting and mentoring entrepreneurs as their legal ally."

- Steve Smith, lawyer





I released my second self-published book, "Divine Purpose" last month... and it's been a huge success - Not because I'm a good writer, but because I've honored my call to create something that brings people together! I actually tell the stories of some of my clients last year and how they healed from massive loss to manifest their dreams!

I want to give a HUGE shout-out to Isabelle, who I've been working with in The Singularity Circle for 6 months who has been incredibly strategic and wise in guiding me to DO less and ACCOMPLISH more... I have to admit I thought I would be working HARDER with her - But she's actually lightened my load, shown me how well I am already doing and linked me with the precise steps I needed to flourish and expand! If you've been thinking about working with her - Have a call! Isabelle is great at being an oracle who you can look into where you are and illuminate the simple strategies specifically to support you to rise in reach, power and prosperity! She's already done wonders with me - And I SIGNED UP FOR THE WHOLE YEAR! Damn straight!

- Lysa Black, Positive Emotion Teacher, best-selling author, Youtuber



I feel connection with like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs. It has been difficult up until now, to have daily interaction with high-vibe heart centered and open minded people, and this space allows for us to share our work, gifts, and challenges in a safe authentic space. I learned that it's okay to share yourself fully, and to follow your own intuition regarding branding etc. I was conflicted previously because I was (resistantly) following the "should" and "best practices" which I now know doesn't fit for everyone. The Singularity Circle is a mastermind group for highly conscious and innovative entrepreneurial women who are the emerging next wave of "Light Beacons".

- Vanessa Lougoon, executive performance coach, energy worker, former athlete                                                                                                                         


Joining The Singularity Circle has helped me tie the vision for my business together in a way that I was struggling to do before I joined. I feel I've been provided with the support and teachings I needed to know that it *is* possible to build my online business without becoming overwhelmed. I also find being part of a community to share experience, knowledge, triumphs and struggles with is extremely enriching for me, and I adore the women I've met. 

The SC is a melting pot of visionary, motivated women, weaving some incredible change and growth within themselves and therefore the world. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in need of a space offering support, guidance, information and accountability on their entrepreneurial journey.

- Samantha Mant, naturopath and editor of ArtGaze Magazine in Australia






In just 6 months of working with Isabelle my email list went from 900 subscribers to well-over 6k, over 100+ students enrolled in courses, successful launches, book signings/workshops in major cities, my income has increased and I in general am more in tune with my great vision.

I've connected with a lot of coaches and the one thing that makes Isabelle different is she doesn't sell you a promise to make 6,7,8 figures.

She supports you fully in your gifts and together you weave a vision that fully resonates with your soul.

If you are looking for coaching or are ready to make some serious moves in your work she is definitely a woman you must talk to.

- Emily Stroia: Spiritual teacher, intuitive, author💖💖





Mastermind Classes 2017

January - Stepping Into Leadership

February - Finding Your Voice in a Sea of Online Copies

March - Confidence when Networking Online and Offline

April  - Your Life as Your Example Online and Offline

May - NeuroMarketing + Color Psychology 

June - Showing Up In Your Fully Realized Story Self

July - The Singularity Storytelling Summit - Your First Live Virtual Event

August - Consistent Creative Launches that Convert 

September - ReInvent Your Money Story

October - Getting Over Visibility Blocks to Get Seen

November - Resilience: The 5 Ways of Staying Strong

December - Celebrating and Acknowledging the Growth


You're already famous.

This is the community to manifest it together. 




Reserve Your 6 month Space

In the Circle for $1500


Access to an online community of creative Leaders

Find resources for growing your business + brand visibility

Receive discounted 1:1 storytelling coaching sessions

Access interviews on mindset, branding, PR, and more

Develop a conscious brand without old paradigm marketing tactics

Use worksheets and templates to Get Interviews + Create Epic Content



12 month Exclusive Singularity Circle membership for $2222

Access to an online community of creative Leaders

Find resources for growing your business + brand visibility

Receive discounted 1:1 storytelling consulting sessions

Access to video library on mindset, branding, PR, and more

Develop a conscious brand without old paradigm marketing tactics

Learn How to Become Your Own Publicist and Beautiful Content Creator

*** 2 Hour Foundations of Your Singularity Storytelling Intensive Call with Isabelle ***



- Do members of the Singularity Circle invest in themselves and each other?

Yes! What happens is we see how talented and gifted everyone is and we want to work together with them. There is a lot of collaboration, friendships, and sales being made within the circle. The circle becomes your place where your peers, colleagues, and potential clients live. 


- Are any of the circle members making money from whatever service/product/model they are selling? 

75% of the Singularity Circle members are making money from their talents, gifts, and businesses. Others are in transition and crafting what their businesses and roles are as leaders, teachers, and creatives. 


- What kinds of businesses do Singularity Circle members run?

Holistic, law, coaching, fashion styling, education and teaching. Isabelle works with leaders in various industries. Disruptors, authors, speakers, and futurists. 

The golden thread that aligns all of Isabelle's clients are they are wanting to shift collective consciousness and their communities in their own unique way.


- In your best possible vision what do you imagine this looking like if I join the group? 

If you were to join the group Isabelle would guide you through the Singularity Storytelling process. All of the people Isabelle refers go through her process in which she align mindset, external space, and online presence. Without those she does not feel comfortable referring clients (companies, conferences, and individuals come to Isabelle for the best of the best in referrals so she only feel comfortable with people she has coached or taken through her process to refer).


- I've read the testimonials on your site and it sounds good, but I was wondering specifically how your clients grow their network after finding their USP/voice/story...


Have you done the 5 day storytelling challenge (it's free)? From that aligned space of a clear story they begin to present themselves as the leader they are. From mindset they create content online for their marketing, they speak, and the create their own business strategies that help them grow in visibility, conversions, and income.  

- I am just starting out and have a very tight budget - do you offer scholarships or other payment options?

Yes I do offer work - trade and reduced payment plans for a certain set group of individuals. Currently for 2017 the work trade is already set, if you would like to apply for 2018 send and email to