Crafting Your Story...


It can be a daunting task since you are always within it. Whether you are a boutique luxury brand with humble beginnings or an artist ready for press the singularity storytelling intensive may be for you.


Isabelle Rizo is known for extracting the essence of your story and making it available in PR ready terms. You have worked hard at your craft, leave the storytelling to the expert. 


About Your Storyteller

Isabelle Rizo has been a storyteller since 2008, collecting stories through digital media, audio, and video. 

Crafting brand stories through digital and print media for boutique luxury brands and international influencers. 

From your story you are able to extract your business and brand experience both online and offline - which is one of the most important things business owners must be aware of today in our technologically aware society. 


What Goes on During an Intensive?

 - 19 Aspects of your brand and business will be analyzed and refined


- Clarity around your bio, about page, Offerings and defining characteristics to position you in front of the right kindreds


- Actionable steps for each aspect of your brand to give you results


- 2 Iterations of Your Story for Press + Digital Use





Singularity Storyteller Bonus

Brand Essence Original Artwork

A Brand Essence Painting Specifically Created Embodying Your Brand Elements to Hang In Your space to remind and connect you to your company's story, values, and vision.


All paintings are original pieces shipped with a certificate of authenticity on a 14 in. x 12 in. canvas. Inspired by the singularity storytelling intensive, your unique story, and the colors that symbolize various elements of your story. 

Each piece an emotional landscape inviting the viewers into all aspects of you, the complexity of your personal brand, story, and values. My goal with each piece is to spark conversation and have it be a cornerstone of the legacy of your work and honoring all the multifaceted elements of your human experience.