12 Months. 1 Collective. 4 Phases.




Internally. Externally. Online.

This leadership training is the integration of what 21st century leaders and brands must become.. 

Singularity Storytellers


SINGULARITY: The merging of humanity with technology. The next phase of collective evolution for humans and the planet. 

STORYTELLERS: Intentionally conscious humans that are radically conscious self-expressed people that lead by example and sharing their story - truthfully, vulnerably, and authentically. 




Intention. Reality. Objectivity. Fluid Action. 

- 4 Hour Singularity Storytelling Intensive for clarity in desires, intentions, and how to integrate them into reality.

- Develop the foundation of your brand story, style, and experience for clients

- Connect with The Collective which will lift you up the next 12 months.





The Pain. Alchemical Transformation. Evolve. Self-Care.


- These 3 months we take aligned action with integrity in our mission, values, and exploration of our story. 

- We dive into the dark part of the personal brand and shift it into a positive integrated whole. 

- Evolve together with The Collective 

- Integrate Self-Care as a Priority for Leaders that set examples



Inner. Outer. Core Message. Digitization. 

- These two months are devoted to refining your inner story and outer story as a leader. 

- Crafting the FINAL CORE MESSAGE of your leadership brand story.

- Strategic content creation in the digital world. 






Global Expansion. Invitation. Collaboration.

- In the final week with the collective we set the next steps into global expansion - content calendars, promotions, and next steps for 2018.

- Invitation creation for the world to have access to your leadership. Use this again and again.

- Co-Creative collaboration with The Collective Members for online and offline events to team up as leaders and support local and international communities. 




Register Before November 30th And Receive a Bonus VIP Day in Chicago, Paris, or Sibiu