Hello and welcome to the Singularity Storytelling Intensive where you will get clear on your vision, your brand purpose, and how you can share your message with the world using technology and social media. 


Lesson 1: Your Life Purpose

The 5 Day Storytelling Challenge 

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The Script To Sharing Your Story

Hello my name is ________. I support (your ideal client - get as specific as possible) in (goal they can reach + how they will feel) by (your process, your service).


Hello my name is Isabelle and I am a singularity storytelling consultant. I help visionary women use technology and real space to share their message at a global level. I do this through coaching, online programs, and classes around the world.

Now... it's your turn. And don't forget to share your titles. Own them! Because that's who you truly are!


chart of strengths 

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The BellaVie Business Guide

Download my first book I wrote online to help others on their entrepreneurial journey

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LESSON 2: Building a Brand

You are your brand

The colors you use, the words you type, and the elements you use consistently are what create your brand online. For a basic start on your brand identity you must choose 2-3 colors and 2-3 fonts.

To keep things simple go to canva.com where you can create consistent branded material - memes, graphics, video images, etc. so that people begin to recognize your brand online. 


Create a Pinterest Board with elements you love

Example Boards: The BellaVie Brand - Travel/Lifestyle Brand and Isabelle Rizo - Self Development/Storytelling Brand

1. Choose 2-3 color elements

2. Choose photographs you love

3. Choose 3 words that would describe the experience you are giving

LESSON 3: Content Creation

Consistent Successful Launches

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Beautiful Blogging Checklist

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LESSON 4: Building Community

Using Social Media to Connect with Clients

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Creating an epic online community guide



LESSON 5: Creating A Product Or Service

Listen. take note. create.

Once you have built an online community listen to what your community needs. What problems are they facing? How best can you serve them with your gifts and life purpose?


1. Notice consistent words that they are using - stuck, sad, worried, etc. These negative terms can be transformed because of the knowledge and wisdom you possess. So pay attention to what they need.

2. Survey or interview a few of your community members and mention a few ideas to them. Listen to their feedback and begin to create something immediate and simple you can share - a one page pdf, an audio, a meditation, a presentation, a discovery call, a breakthrough session.

3. Gather testimonials and feedback from your clients/customers and share them online and offline. Be proud of the transformations you are offering. 

4. Go back to launching and share it with your growing community online.