The Supernova experience

The intersection of technology, self-expression, consciousness, and a female future


We thrive through our stories.

An evening of celebrating the resilience of women through their

stories of overcoming with technological art and community building.


As our day to day lives become more of an augmented reality and social media is an integral part of our existence...


What does this mean for culture, society, art, and business?


The supernova experience is an intimate evening hosted by singularity storytelling international artist isabelle rizo.


Debuting her book Singularity Storytelling: The Art of Noticing in the Digital Age 

through a live reading performance and multimedia experience to shift your

view on technology, identity, and art today. 


Speaking by her side will be women that intersect consciousness, community, art, and education as platforms to shift culture, empower women, and utilize technology creatively. 





222 W Kinzie

Chicago, IL. USA

October 18th, 2017

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm





- Live Performance

- Food + Drinks

- Live Performance

- Food + Drinks

- Personal Copy of Book

- Live Performance

- Food + Drinks

- Personal Copy of Book

- VIP CHILL Meditation