You're thinking about your PR strategy, content marketing, ways to get seen... you realize the importance of your brand as a transformational force for good in the world. I have three one on one singularity storytelling packages - if you're more of a natural networker and want the group coaching experience check out the Singularity Circle


Craving one-on-one manifesting time? 

Scroll below, my dear!



During three months together we will work through your brand, your story, and how you will bring that online to a whole new audience ready to engage with your business.

- Brand Essence Development (your story, your voice, your copy)

- Social Media Objectives: What Goals Do We Create

- Three 30 minute strategy calls

- 3 Month Content Calendar (this includes what to do with your newsletter, blog post titles, social media schedule)

- Email Support for 3 Months (feedback on blog articles, social media writing, newsletter writing feedback)

Only $1,500


By the end of the 3 Months You Will:


- Have a complete online content library

- Have a social media strategy + objective to bring in clients

- Establish yourself as an expert online

- Have a PR Kit + Website that is ready for press and media



Are you a visionary leader in your industry ready to get seen, talked about, interviewed, and known?


In This Program We Work Closely Together for 3 Months to Share Your Story With The World.

Six 30 minute coaching + strategy calls

3 Month Content Marketing Strategy

2 Intuitive Clearing Sessions

E-Mail Support

After 3 months of working together you will...

- Have a Crafted Media Story

- A PR Kit + Interviews + Events Lined Up

- A Solid Content Marketing Strategy

- Be Consistent in your brand on your terms 


What Are the 6 Sessions About?

1. Your Passion

2. Your Ideal Client

3. Your Transformation Process

4. Your Brand

5. Marketing Yourself

6. Your Press Story





The supernova is for the committed visionary woman that is ready to step into the spotlight.

No more hiding in the shadows.  



In This Program We Work Closely Together for 6 Months to Share Your Story With The World.

12 30 minute coaching + strategy calls

6 Month Content Marketing Strategy

4 Intuitive Clearing Sessions + Oracle Readings

E-Mail Support

Your 5 key words, unique selling point, and Fame Attracting Element


We will dive into the depths of what is holding you back and clear your energy so you can start shining as you really are.






- Clear the negative subconscious blocks in your way

- Start speaking around the world

- Launch that book, film premiere, program or world tour


The big bang was the start of creation. 

of the universe.

of you.

12 months together.

me + you.

manifesting your beautiful life and sharing your story with the whole world.  

In This Year Long Intensive You and I Go One on One To Really Craft Your Story, Your Business, and

Your Vision to The Next Level

24 30 minute coaching + strategy calls

12 Month Content Marketing Strategy

8 Intuitive Clearing Sessions

E-Mail Support + Text Messaging Support

Access to Network of Web Developers, Filmmakers, Podcasters, and Specialists

In Person Meetup in Paris or Chicago for a Singularity Celebration


Ready to manifest? 

What if you could turn your clients into your best marketers?

Your book into a movement?

and all you have to do was show up and shine your light. 

This is what we will co-create together in 12 months. 


Ready to get seen?