You know youR business is here to disrupt paradigms.


Now with the power of technology you can start a movement.


Using the art of singularity Storytelling together we will craft a digital and Real space plan to manifest increased profit, clarity on brand experience, and an audience that becomes loyal to your brand.


How? With the power of your brand story.


discover the essence of your brand.

Discover your own Unique Selling Point.

Discover the Turning Point from Business to Movement.


Whether you are an ingenious freelancer, disruptive startup, or innovative corporation use the power of social media, digital technology, and singularity storytelling to...


- Increase Income + profits

- Gain Mass Exposure digitally

- Be the known expert in your industry


Become a singularity storyteller


and step into the mindset of the 21st century way of doing business.


Transparent. Collaborative. Inspirational.


Ways to Work Together



SSEE Program

The Singularity Circle



What Does Singularity Storytelling Intensive Program

Feel Like?


Freeing. Expansive. Evolutionary.

We work from a distance through technology and then we meet in real space. 

First Session Together is 3 Hours - laying the foundation for the next 12 months.

Through Exploration of Your Brand Essence we meet twice a month to review, refine, test.

Access to filmmakers, content creators, copywriters, and an extensive network of professionals

to nurture your Singularity Storytelling Movement



The Program Is Not For you If...

You are not willing to dive deep into what your brand, company, your self stands for. 

You do not like long term commitment - this is a longstanding co-creative process

You do not "have time" to create connection and learn digital communication.



I'm been mentoring with Isabelle Rizo for 4 months now... I have grown my tribe on Facebook, Youtube & Instagram and enjoyed being fully booked out with super ideal clients who rave about the heart healing shifts I bring. As a highly sensitive empath - My super power is that I can 'read' hearts. I can feel exactly how someone has suffered and guide them to deeply powerful healing that eliminates the physical and emotional pain from our invisible wounds. - Lysa Black


"I'm just sitting with a big grin on my face after my session with Isabelle today. Isabelle guided me to the intention of grounding for our call and for the first time in my life I connected with my root chakra. This can sound strange since traveling from the root up is more "normal". But since a lot of us are highly sensitive persons and empaths here - you might know that the other way around is more "normal" for us. And so today, I felt safe and secure, really felt it - for the first time in my life and business." - Anna Linder


In one session she helped me get clear on some things but more importantly helped me bring clarity to my brand. I like to say, my business ideas are like having puzzle pieces everywhere. I was relieved that all my pieces were indeed from the same box they simply needed to be put in the right place. Thank you! Today's session was #Priceless - LaTanya Arthur 


After working together for 1 Month with Isabelle 71 women are in my group & going through my Conquer Your Paper challenge! This morning I got this message from one of my members "I am really loving this group Dawn! Learning and relearning so much already!!! So grateful!!!!!" Two weeks ago I had no Facebook group and had never done a challenge of any kind. - Dawn Falcone The Chaos Liberator


I have to say that having a VIP day with  Isabelle Rizo has been truly magical and life changing. She gave me yeah I said gave me high quality content to move my business to the next level. I also opened my heart to receive the Love my work advocates and I'm still doing the happy dance. I woke up in Paris in an upgraded room, toured Montmartre to study brands. My heart in soaring and I'm forever grateful. 

Being a Healer and driving my business has been like a rebirth times 10 and I feel all the work has integrated in our meeting. You are amazing sister and I've found a new friend! - Patrice Hutton-Jones




Why work with Isabelle Rizo?


Since 2008 I have studied, participated, and engaged with online community building - studying and implementing the evolving of my personal brand. In turn I worked as a consultant and virtual assistant for visionary women owned brands as well as national social justice campaigns. 

Whether it was growing a Youtube Following, Increasing visibility on Instagram, or Creating an Engaged Facebook Community. 

When working as a ghost writer and digital reputation consultant I took on years of experience learning and growing my own agency to become what it is today. 

Inspiring the Conscious Brands of the world to Step Up Into the Visionary Role they are and start movements. 




Ready to carefully craft your movement?