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My name is Isabelle, the Transylvanian Hypnotist and Storyteller, here to guide you into the realms of your subconscious. You have inklings, urges, inspirations, and desires that are latent. Not made manifest. However, your subconscious has been inviting you to go deeper.

To connect with the allness of you.

To uncover the story that is wanting to be written of your life.

To name the gifts that you have and create the career that is most aligned with them.

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Why Open Your Subconscious Story? Why Now?

It was because I listened to my subconscious story that I have led hundreds of others to do the same.

  • financially

  • entrepreneurially

  • creatively

  • personally developed

Anxiety-ridden, depressed, highly sensitive - not knowing how to actually channel my gifts into what was needed in society. It was because what I wanted to be and create in the world had not been invented or manifested yet.

I studied film, cinematography, creative writing, psychology, and became involved in online community. I was fascinated by bloggers and the digital space, the freedom of expression and resources it shared. Since 2008 I have:

  • run a marketing consulting agency as a digital nomad

  • became a travel writer

  • created curriculums internationally for American and Chinese students

  • traveled solo as a woman

  • published a book of collected essays on Noticing in The Digital Age

  • got a dream job at one of the oldest apothecaries in America

  • lived in Paris

  • run Sacred Space retreats in Romania

  • had international and national performing art exhibitions

  • run a hypnotherapy practice in Chicago

  • perform live stage hypnosis shows

  • lecture at universities

    It was because i listened to my subconscious that all of these things were possible.

Technology has been a gamechanger. Careers, jobs, creativity, information and self-expression is now a new form of social currency. It is also the most amazing time to really say yes to the story of the life and career that your subconscious is bringing you towards.

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Tools to Access Your Subconscious Story

In this 5 month digital experience learn the tools safely bring into your awareness your subconscious story. Gathering all of the conscious evidence that comes your way that cultivates the curiosity in you to move forward.

  • have a community of kindred spirits in an online community

  • access to resources and practices to use regularly to create the story of your life on your terms

  • monthly hypnosis sessions and self-hypnosis scripts

  • One Month Action Plans to Go from The Subconscious Story to Conscious Reality

  • Understand your specific elements and how to use them in your daily life to manifest

  • Learn Daily Practices To Connect and Commit to Your Subconscious Story

  • Complete A Final project At the End of the 5 Months

  • Opportunity to Join in the Sacred Space Retreat in Transylvania*


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  • Reinvention: The Money Story Workbook + mini course focused on your money management + story

    • what is the time, energy, and money involved in truly making your story a reality?

  • Your Elements Painting + connecting in with your elements a commissioned personal piece upon completion of the program with certificate of authenticity

  • Elemental Hypnosis Audio Bundle - upon discovering your elemental focus for the duration of the program receiving the Elemental Hypnosis bundle

Ready to Be Hypnotized?

we begin the journey into your subconscious story on July 15th

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  • upon completion of 5 month program, all assignments complete, and at discretion of head hypnotist will you qualify for the sacred space: transylvania retreat