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Energizing Zodiac Scheduling for intuitive leaders


Your to-do list is long. 

You have engagements, talks, social media, dates, work all on the calendar.

You keep saying yes to things and then regret it later because... well you are running out of time. 


Not enough time. not enough boundaries. 


I used to say yes to so many engagements and events because of massive FOMO. Yet I found myself burned out, resentful, and not in alignment with my goals and ambitions. I wanted to be there for everyone and everything but as a soft-spoken leader and introvert it was very important to honor self-care to fully be present in my most important work - storytelling, connecting, making art, and teaching. 


Once I became clear on those important aspects and made them a priority I knew what to say yes to and what to say no to.


In this 4 Week Class You Will:

Discover Your Unique Astrological Chart

Create Your Schedule Based On Your Zodiac

Establish boundaries, free time, and self-care

Feel Balanced, Whole, Sovereign


Why The zodiac?


This is the most unique tool that you can use to align energies, days of the week and learn about yourself. After implementing the zodiac into my schedule, rhythm, and business I became very clear about what to say yes to and what to say no to in a way that really nourished my own personal energetic patterns. 

The zodiac is an amazing tool for understanding the self - just like Myers Briggs, Gene Keys, Human Design, or Enneagram - there are so many different modalities. The zodiac is a more fluid and archetypal journey into the self and how complex all aspects of self are. 

The zodiac aligns with the planets which align with the days of the week - very simple method to track your energy and make plans. 

Ready to Connect With Your Zodiac Story?

Early Bird Pricing and Bonuses End April 18th




When You Register you will receive:

+ Zodiac Essence Painting - Personalized and Signed delivered to your door. An artistic reminder for your energy (Valued at $500) 

+ 6 Month membership in the Singularity Circle - Be surrounded by Kindred Spirits, Get Discounts on Classes, Artwork, Events (Valued $1500)

+ A 1:1 Singularity Storytelling Session (Valued at $500)


That is over $2,000 in Bonuses!


Reserve your Seat in Class Today - We Begin Monday May 8th, 2018


Wanting to go deeper?


Join The Elemental Living 2018 Cohort - astrology, alchemy, cycles, archetypes, and the elements to reach your goals together in this 8 month experience.