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An online and offline collective of complementary health care practitioners that support the whole person on their journey to well being physically, mentally, and spiritually. Through interactive workshops, individual consultation, and support for healers and practitioners we bring Chicago and beyond a space to heal fully.

I support through life coaching, self-authoring, singularity storytelling, western herbalism, and hypnotherapy.


A week long tour and retreat through Transylvania - included the salt mines in Turda, photoshoot in Cluj, Flower Essence workshop, visiting the mountain monasteries, exploring the ancient pharmacy and sleepy houses of Sibiu, driving the winding roads of the Transfagarasan highway,and being hosted in an authentic Romanian village in the countryside.

In this retreat participants collected elements that felt sacred to them and felt guided to define what sacredness for them personally meant within their own lives.

Upon the end of the retreat there was time to integrate and create group flower essence remedies that they would take home to share with others and within their own self-care practices.

The retreat was an option for students of my Elemental Living classes that explored Jungian and Tarot archetypes weekly as well as astrology, flower essences, traditional Romanian folk herbalism, and more.


Chicago Urban Mystics at Positive Space Gallery

An offline gallery lecture and networking series hosted in Positive Space Gallery for emerging highly sensitive artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs fascinated by philosophy, mysticism, and personal development.

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Born in 2015 with a need for nurturing the feminine way of doing business as well as supporting entrepreneurs emotionally as they ride the waves of starting a digital business and sustaining it - this online community and education hub started as The Singularity Circle and is part of where students in The Singularity Academy online mingle and cheer each other on.

Becoming Artist Ambassador blending arts, personal development, and transformation to the forefront of healing and radically conscious self-expression. Culminating in an international art exhibition in Prague. The exhibition included experimental film, fashion, and acrylic painting.


Stop Police Brutality Campaign

Managed and Promoted Social Media and links of resources for ending police brutality and educating general population without representation access to lawyers and rights.

Supported in PR Efforts for law firm in reaching new audiences to get the resources and representation they needed.

Chicago Millennial Entrepreneur Meetup - past

Weekly entrepreneur meetups focusing on accountability, growth, and conversations around millennial work, future, and freelancing balanced with self-care and resilience. This included marketing promotions, facilitation, location scouting, and shoestring budget.

The BellaVie + The Beautiful BellaVista Community - past

Online lifestyle blog and magazine for the independent wanderlusting woman from travel hacking to travel writing this 2 year resource supported women in traveling alone, quitting their regular jobs safely, transitioning to sustainable travel careers and becoming digital nomads.

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The BellaVie Zine + Chicago Zine Fest

Regular self-published zine that featured interviews of artists, freelancers, as well as self-care tips and recipes to sustain you through it all. Tabled at Chicago Zine Fest at Columbia College two years in a row selling experiential artwork and zines focusing on travel, mindfulness, and inspiration.


The BellaVie Project Documentary


A year long process documenting my self directed learning and asking the questions what makes a beautiful life. A social practice and exploration on practical philosophy during a season of depression and disillusionment. After a fundraiser, a very successful and thorough blog, and countless interviews this was the culminating video experience that was created and then screened online with the student loan crisis that is keeping millennials tied up and working multiple hustles.


The Yunnan Ethnic Minority School Project

A 3 month educational and multimedia working with students from the Dehua and Zhengdong villages in southern Yunnan, Province China. Doing language exchange, full cultural immersion, and honoring the ethnic minorities in southern China through music, song, and dance.

The Chicago Nerdfighter Gathering July 22 at 2:22

An online and offline social experiment to gather a subculture of nerdfighters together in Chicago and create engagement both online and offline together and bring joy to others in the city.