Isabelle RIzo

Hypnotherapist. Fine Artist. IAHT Holistic Therapist.



I am a Consciousness Artist


Your conscious thoughts and stories can lead to success or failure.

I work with executives, creatives, and technology industry influencers.

I perform immersive storytelling acts internationally.

I am ready to support you in following through your vision for your life.

Chicago Based - Internationally Recognized 



Isabelle Rizo was born amidst post-communist Romania. A political refugee by birth she was born in Germany and eventually grew up in the USA. From a young age Isabelle was interested in making and crafting things with her hands, and when computers came around she was hooked. Growing side by side with technology, a tumultuous identity finding childhood, and a desire to find her place in the world - she ended up creating her own.

Becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 16 - she began her freelance film production company doing commercial shoots, photography, and creative direction. A one-person show since the beginning Isabelle mastered editing, filming, cinematography, and film aesthetics culminating in her first documentary featuring the Student Loan crisis in the US. As soon as becoming a US citizen Isabelle delved in alternative education, and began creating a curriculum for intercultural language learning in China. When coming back home the tech-space became normal.

As an amateur scientist observing human behavior online and offline Isabelle noticed similarities between all humans. Our need for connection. Connection coming from integration with trauma. In online space where things were easily anonymous people would instantly connect - and she wanted to create that in offline space. From there Isabelle began integrating her online story with her offline reality by becoming a travel blogger, consultant, and strategist working remotely from various parts of Europe and North America.

Skipping the traditional college route and becoming an advocate of life-long learning, Isabelle integrated her learning journey into her culminating mentoring and strategy programs. How we as a society must not fear technology but integrate with it as singularity storytellers. Creating a smaller more connected world.

Through her multimedia art and curated experiences she intends conversation to be sparked, connections to be made, and deeper things to be moved. Her work and programs can be found at IsabelleRizo.com


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CLIENTS + Case Studies


 Armadio Luxury Bags Singularity Storytelling + Brand Development

Armadio Luxury Bags Singularity Storytelling + Brand Development

 Eyenie Schultz Singularity Storytelling + Circle Development

Eyenie Schultz Singularity Storytelling + Circle Development

 Emily Stroia Singularity Storytelling Development

Emily Stroia Singularity Storytelling Development

 Steve Smith Singularity Storytelling + Circle Development

Steve Smith Singularity Storytelling + Circle Development

These are just a few of the clients that have joined the singularity circle, completed the SSEE program, or were supported through the singularity storytelling process. Creating and curating a brand online and offline is a deep process of research, understanding, and awareness around the legacy the client wants to leave - or the story.

In digital space today every post you craft, make, and share is a piece of the story what the singularity storytelling process is is showing how to integrate all of those pieces online, offline, and internally for the company culture.