Understanding Subconscious Motivations

Hypnotherapy Consultations


I am an executive coach and hypnotherapist. I have been supporting creative leaders for over 10 years and one of the best methods I have found and also use personally has been hypnotherapy. 

Hypnotherapy is a gentle and effective way to access the subconscious mind to aid in changing habits and thought patterns. You may have seen stage hypnosis where people cluck like chickens or quack like ducks - that is not what I will be doing during sessions with clients (I will keep that for the stage only). 

Hypnotherapy has been well-documented and studied to aid in reducing pain, easing anxiety, smoking cessation, reaching creative goals, and many other personal and physical goals of the mind and body according to the American Psychological association. 

Since 1955 the healing modality of hypnosis has been approved by the British Medical Association. Since then there have been numerous articles in published scientific journals such as The Journal of Psychologists in Schools, The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, and The General Psychology Journal. 

When beginning a session I will be guiding you into a state of relaxation, this opens up your subconscious mind to transform. In your subconscious mind are beliefs that can move you forward or hold you back, during out session we will reprogram these beliefs for you to better achieve your goals. 

During the session you can also be aware of everything you say during the session, that is okay, you are still in a hypnotized and relaxed state. 

You may also reach a completely relaxed stated where you may have taken a nap. That is also okay, you are still in a hypnotized and relaxed state. 

When your whole body relaxes, your auditory listening system is still on. Just as a mother during sleep will wake from hearing her baby cry. You are still listening and your subconscious is still open to to the new programming. 

You will always be in control during the hypnotization session, if at any time you wish to be out of the hypnotized state you can count backgrounds - 3, 2, 1…. That will slowly bring you back from being hypnotized. 


1 - 2 hours for initial intake, defining goals, and seeing if we are a good fit.


Depending on goals there is a minimum of 3 follow up sessions and maximum of 8 each lasting 1 hour each and including a recording of the session to take home with you to induce self-hypnosis.


Self-Pay and Insurance Options Available $150 per session and session packages are available.


“With over 10 years in personal development, lifestyle design, and executive coaching Isabelle brought a flair and creativity to my practice and supported me in taking the big leaps that I knew I desired to take.” - Claire W. // Artist //