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Consulting Hypnotist and Contemporary Artist


The Intersection of Consciousness, Art, and Personal Development within Human Lives



The use of our full mind - prefrontal cortex, not allowing the amygdala to take over in fight or flight, and allowing our inner emotional landscapes to help us rather than sabotage our endeavors is the work of Hypnotherapy.

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Singularity Storytelling

Understanding mindfulness with personal and professional brands. How does your digital identity come across in our offline world. The process of mindful technology use as a personal development tool.

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Live Stage Hypnosis and Artistry

Join Chicago based hypnotist Isabelle live for an upcoming performance or bring her to your company for a curated one of a kind branded experience.

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Seminars and Consulting

Hypnosis is playing with consciousness, the mind, storytelling, and attention. Learning to consensually do that in today’s marketplace is one of the skills keeping businesses and campaigns unique and talked about. Bring Isabelle in to generate growth, strategy, and curation.

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