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Modern Day Alchemy



The art of accessing the subconscious, tricking the mind, and transforming self-perceptions consensually is something that fascinates me to no end. Constantly learning the latest on neurology, consciousness, mindful illusions, and of course tricks to dazzle and intrigue you can attend a live show, bring me to your event, or use hypnosis therapeutically for yourself.


Tarot + Astrology

Tarot has a beautiful history and collective unconscious narrative that can be used therapeutically as well as magically to conjure whatever guidance you may need. I consider tarot a visually therapeutic practice as well as a creative way to engage in deeper and meaningful conversation whether it may be attending the “Exploring Tarot” class at Chicago’s Inner Sense Healing Arts Collective or getting a reading at a live event.

An added layer of understanding is seen when astrology is mixed in with tarot. I use me “story in the stars” as a mindfulness tool in acknowledging my strengths, being humble in my weaknesses, and making sense of the vastness of this little life of ours.


Herbalist Artwork

Being the herbalist on staff at Chicago’s 114 year old Merz Apothecary with a background in western herbal philosophy and phytotherapy as well as the history, folk medicine, and magical properties of herbal practice - I have used herbs and teas daily to support my well being as well as the clients that visit the apothecary in choosing the herbs that will support their health. It is through herbs that I was able to support my own well-being overcoming trauma, anxiety, depression, and cancer.


Certification Programs and Mentorship

Tuning in to your divine inspiration and the deeper thing calling you is new and exciting territory. It also can be quite scary. Discerning emotions, logic, inspiration, tools available. There is now one size fits all, but if you are a leader in the community, an artist on a mission, a business owner wanting to add a more holistic lens to your practice I offer certifications in elemental herbalism, trauma informed facilitation, as well as a curriculum of personal development and self-care classes to tune in and gain a deeper knowing and listening to that profound story that lives within.


Isabelle Rizo is an internationally exhibited artist, consulting hypnotist, and author that has been storytelling since 2008. Working in digital technologies primarily for her artistic medium she is a social commentator on what the digital world is collectively doing to our minds in both positive and negative light.

Starting her art practice as a documentary filmmaker investigating the rising costs of higher education she decided to gather resources for autodidacts and learners from all backgrounds in a culminating blog - The BellaVie Project. This led her to being a digital nomad and educator in Shanghai, Kunming, and XinShaBana China, Paris France, Berlin, Germany, and culminating into self-directed learning retreats thoughout Transylvania Romania.

She has run her successful coaching practice supporting trauma survivors, creatives, and highly sensitive identified persons since 2015 and opened her hypnosis practice in 2018 in Chicago.

Isabelle has been featured in Prague College, Zero to Travel Podcast, The Golden Romania, Holistic Fashionista, LVBX Magazine, Ajala, and Entrepreneur Magazine.



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