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The Crevice Studio Podcast

A monthly sound experiment exploring elements of mindfulness in technology, art as therapy, and entrepreneurship as a deeper call to connecting with your life story. 

The podcast was born from a deeper need to connect with how modern society uses art, how self-knowledge and philosophy is so important today, and how platform building is shifting not only society and culture but our brains as well. 



Isabelle has a way of infusing mindfulness with entrepreneurship that was very comforting. I highly recommend bringing her to your organization.
— Daniel B. Bodhi Spiritual Center
Isabelle does not hide away the ups and downs of this new territory of work. She shares openly the struggles and the rewards of the future of work and the mindset work that is involved with pushing through our upper limits.
— Andra K attendee at Social Media Summit 2016


Isabelle Rizo is an international speaker who has been called one of the "7 Best Advisors for Entrepreneurs" by Entrepreneur Magazine. Since 2008 Isabelle has been involved with online storytelling, branding, and the evolving world of technology and how it influences economy, relationships, and business. She speaks on personal development, the future of work, and the singularity storytelling process. Isabelle has spoken at universities, high schools, and organizations on how to really consciously move into a technological future that supports collaboration, innovation, and growth.  

Personal Development

Through sharing her personal story of being a political refugee, woman in technology, and overcoming abuse, Isabelle allows audiences from elementary schools to professional corporate spaces connect with their internal motivation through workshops, seminars, and talks.

The Future of Work and Careers

After starting her own business using the power of technology, she now teaches how the future of work and the economy will look like. Remote working, international collaboration, and mindful team building are the way things are moving. Isabelle shares with young minds and organizations how to transition smoothly into this brave new world. 


Singularity Storytelling 

This half day experiential workshop brings together mindfulness, technology, and brand development to a whole new level. Bring together your team or employees to inspire and reignite them into your company or non-profit mission.