Working with the Blissed Out Yoga Studio in Elmhurst was an amazing experience. We got clear on their social media presence, content marketing strategy, and how they could grow their mailing list and really become the community hub and education center for the Elmhurst yoga community. 


 "We are so thankful for our partnership with you! You've helped us to grow and really understand how to connect with our client base" Abbey G. Manager of Blissed Out Yoga

Main Objectives:

- Consistent Branding

- Videography + Images

- Newsletters

- Class and Workshop Promotion Strategy Online



For this national campaign to end police brutality we worked with Romanucci and Blandin on their digital presence and social media management. Through our digital and offline presence Antonio Romanucci was featured on CLTV as well as through street teams wearing the Stop Police Brutality Shirt.


Main Objectives:

- Social Media Presence

- Consistent Branding

- Awareness



Working with award winning author and lawyer Raj Kanuru to make pharmaceutical companies accountable and shift the paradigm to transparency was an adventure. 

Main Objectives: - Press and Visibility





Nina Manolson was a joy to work with. She truly embodies her vision for living a nourished life. During our time together we got very clear on her social media marketing, consistently showing up through her brand, and managing several course and coaching launches. 

"Isabelle follows up and follows through so that our ideas don't slip through the crakcks - which is what always happens to me. After working with Isabelle I feel like someone is holding many of the marketing pieces with em. I'm seeing my social media presence increase. Her creative ideas about marketing and thinking ahead more was also a great benefit from working together. I recommend working with Isabelle for anyone that wants to increase their social media presence and be more visible." Nina M. from

Main Objectives:

Create consistent social media presence daily

- Get interviews, press, and awareness of story

- Launch programs online using digital marketing strategy

- Consistent branding



"I am more powerful with regards to the way I am being and how I am projecting myself. I have done all these things before, but I am really saying it like i mean it, and I feel changes afoot!" Kate Woodley S.












"My last course brought in 18 attendees and I earned more than ever. Isabelle gave me a list of marketing and promotional ideas that I never thought of before." Sandy W. from











"Isabelle makes me feel like I'm not alone... like I have someone on my team. A cheerleader in my corner so to speak. With Isabelle I have been able to grow my list, get media interviews, and get paid to travel to Jamaica for a big conference!" Christine E.









"Before I started working with Isabelle, I was basically doing nothing. I had a qualification and not much else except a big question mark hanging over everything. I had no idea how to get online with my business and I thought it was a big long and hard struggle to even imagine getting clients online. In a very short amount of time working with her, everything has gone full speed. I've got a website, had six full paying clients and became part of a pretty big collaboration online with other entrepreneurs. Isabelle has helped me build confidence and helped me network so much. She's incredibly easy to work with and you can tell she's on it. As she get things done faster than anyone else I've met. I've recommended friends to her because I trust her fully with helping anyone to find their story and build a business. Thank you darling Isabelle!" Camille W. from Camisiology


"Isabelle is a genius at forging connections between people and providing insights into the mysteries of social media in a way that makes them less formidable." Robin S. Author of Manifesting Dreams